Our Mission

Nickersoft was built on the belief that anything is possible. We are developers providing innovation for the future. Like Apple, we believe that our future as a society rests in the technology that we use. It is the most powerful tool we have. Technology has the ability to change things. It is an influential lifestyle that is rapidly changing the way we connect, entertain, and express ourselves. Apple has done a fairly decent job at endowing each of their products with these beliefs. Microsoft has made attempts to compete with the innovative nature of Apple, but has ultimately failed. Nickersoft's mission is to bring that creative and inventive nature to Microsoft Windows by creating products that are destined to change things. We take what should be obvious and turn them into products in the attempt to make life a little easier. That's why all of our products are programmed in Microsoft .NET, so they are native to your Windows computer. We will not stop until we have changed the world.