KeyCode: The Easy Approach to Serial Numbers

KeyCode is a new tool released by Nickersoft that allows commercial software developers to easily generate large quantities of random serial numbers for their products. The user simply specifies how many codes they wish to generate, how many blocks of characters construct each key, how many characters are contained in each block, and any desired prefix or suffix set of characters they wish to include in the final key. The best part is, there's no installation required. Simply click "Run", and KeyCode will open immediately. You can download it below:

Latest Release (Version 1.0): CNET Downloads

KeyCode 1.0 (March 2012): Direct Download (Dropbox)

XPEdition Source Code

XPEdition was the first freeware application released by Nickersoft. Version 1.0 was released shortly after Nickersoft's launch in the spring of 2010, while Version 2.0 was released during August of that year. XPEdition was a web browsing utility similar to AOL Desktop, with multiple browsing windows contained in a single parent form. Other features included background customization, parental controls, and multi-user support. However, by the fall of 2011, the product was discontinued due to numerous bugs and messy coding. For historic and research purposes, Nickersoft has agreed to post the source code for download. Below you may download the code, in addition to screenshots and product milestones.

Last Coding Release (September 2010): Dropbox (*.zip format)

XPEdition Version 2.0 Screenshot: View

XPEdition Version 2.0 (August 2010): Direct Download (Dropbox)

XPEdition Version 1.0 Screenshot: View

XPEdition Version 1.0 (July 2010): Mediafire