Would You Like to Make a Deposit?

Don't let it fool you... Song Bank is no fundamental bank. It cannot store belongings or money, but it can store something more valuable... your hard work and creative expression. Song Bank is a free utility for songwriters and poets to use that allows them to create digital copies of their work, enhanced with pictures and audio. They can better organize their songs and poems, in addition to creating better work by using built-in dictionaries and references. Here's a list of the most prominent features Song Bank provides:

- Add fields to your songs, such as inspiration and the album it was released on

- Add album artwork to your songs

- Upload or record an audio file of the song for reference

- Check off which instruments are used in your song

- Write down up to eight of the chords used in your song in addition to the key it's played in

- Use a built-in rhyming dictionary to find rhymes, similar words, and more

- Search for your songs by typing in a title or simply part of a lyric

- Email your song to friends, export your song as local file, or upload your song to your Facebook notes

- Much, MUCH more!

Coming Up

What's in the next version of Song Bank? According to Nickersoft News, you can expect the features in the next release:

Complete Redesigned UI

New Song Bank Extension (*.sb3)

Support for more than eight chords

Song Bank Theme (*.sbux) Support

Additional Properties

More Updates